Feature Screenplays

The Terrible Turk
Her first feature screenplay The Terrible Turk (Koca Yusuf) won ten international screenwriting awards.

Feature movie script (un-produced) for a biographical, historical, drama. 2010.
It has 10 US screenplay awards.

Drama/feature movie script (un-produced). 2011.

Monseur V.
Biographical, Historical Drama. On pre-production. 2012
Production Company: Power Group, Turkey.

Derda / Fifty Kilograms Of Hatred (teaser below)
Won the Sundance Lab.
Drama. Feature movie script. Supported by Sundance Institute. Pre-production. 2013.
Co-Producers and Production Companies: Zeynep Ozbatur, Zeyno Film, Turkey. Bahadir Arlier, Interfim, Turkey. Tunay Vural, Ptot Film, Turkey.

Secret of Arabi
Historical, Fantasy Drama. TV movie. Pre-Production. 2013.
Production Company: TRT, Turkish National Television Channel.